WP Socializer plugin includes widgets to add social features to your website. Below widgets are available,

  1. Follow icons widget
  2. Facebook page widget
  3. Twitter tweets widget
WP Socializer widgets

Inserting widgets

To use WP Socializer widgets is just like a regular WordPress widget. You can find above widgets AppearanceWidgets under Available widgets. Drag and drop the widget to the sidebar you want and configure the widget settings as required.

Follow icons widget

With follow icons widget, you can display social media profile links on your sidebar. Configuring follow icons in the Widget is similar to configuring it for the normal page.

WP Socializer - Follow icons widget

Facebook page widget

With Facebook page widget, you can display your Facebook page feed in the sidebar.

Twitter tweets widget

With Facebook page widget, you can display your Twitter tweets in the sidebar.

Haven’t got the plugin yet ?

If you haven’t downloaded the plugin yet, please visit the plugin homepage to purchase and download the plugin using the link below.

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