Getting started

Ultimate floating widgets plugin allows you to add floating widgets to your site. If your theme does not have a sidebar or plan not to have a sidebar then with this plugin you can add a floating sidebar with widgets in it.

This sidebar/widgets (widget box) will be in a collapsed state and users can expand it by clicking on a floating button. There are different types and positions for the widget box.

After installing the plugin, follow the steps below to create the floating widget box and add widgets to it.

Creating the widget box

  • Navigate to the widget boxes list page by clicking the “Ultimate floating widgets” link on the left side admin menu.
  • Click “Create a new widget box” button.
  • Under “new widget box” section enter the name of the widget box for identification inside the WordPress admin page.
  • Select the type of the widget box “popup bubble”, “Flyout” and their positions in the page.
  • Under the settings section you will find options to customize the style, trigger options, button options etc.
  • After making the necessary customizations click “create widget box” to create the widget box.

Editing the widget box

  • Same as creating the widget box, navigate to “Ultimate floating widgets” page from the left side admin menu.
  • Click the widget box name from the list to edit.
  • In the editing page you can find and change the widget box settings as required.

Deleting the widget box

Widget boxes can be deleted from two places,

  • From the widget boxes list page, where you can find the “delete” link below the name.
  • In the widget box edit page, a trash button next to the “edit widget box” title.

Adding widgets to the widget box

  • In widget boxes list page/edit page click the “Add widget” button.
  • This will open the WordPress widgets management page.
  • You will find the certain sidebar (widget boxes) highlighted. They are created using Ultimate floating widgets plugin.
  • Now you can drag and drop the widgets you want just like a normal sidebar.

Once widgets are added to the widget box you can visit your site and see the widgets inside floating widget box in action as per the customization you have made.