Custom trigger

Ultimate floating widgets plugin provides many trigger options like “from button”, “Automatic on page scroll”. If you want to open the widget box using a custom link then you can follow the instructions below.


  • Using this method, the widget box will not open below/above the link. It will still open near the corner/sides of the page as it is configured. Here just that the button is not used as a trigger.

  • If you want to hide the button then select Trigger -> Automatic on page scroll and enter 200 as the value for “Open widget box when page is scrolled”. This ensures that the button is not shown and not displayed automatically on scroll.

The JavaScript call

The plugin has a simple JavaScript API with which you can open/close/toggle the widget box.

// To open the widget box'<WIDGET_BOX_ID>');

// To close the widget box

// To toggle the widget box

Here WIDGET_BOX_ID is the ID of the widget box. This can be found in the edit page in the browser address bar.

You can call these JavaScript functions in your script or using a simple link like below

<a href="#" onclick="event.preventDefault();'5');">Open the widget box</a>

Here the onclick attribute has the JS call to open the widget box. You can follow the above example to make anything open/close the widget box.

Example with jQuery

If you are using jQuery and want to open a link with a specific class to open/close the widget box then you can add the click even like below.

<a href="#" class="my_link">Open close widget</a>

// JavaScript
jQuery(document).on('click', '.my_link', function(e){