With shortcoder v5+ using WordPress’s custom post type API, the native import/export tools can be used to import and export shortcodes.


All shortcodes in v5+ can be exported using WordPress’s inbuilt exporter tool. It can be found under Tools -> Export. In the export page select “Shortcoder” as the content and download the export file.

The exported file is a XML file in WordPress understandable format and it contains all the shortcode content and its settings. This file can be later used to import in any WordPress site.

Shortcoder export screen


The XML file exported in above process has all the shortcoder data and can be imported through WordPress’s own importer plugin. Navigate to Tools -> Import and under WordPress install the importer tool. If it is already installed, run the importer and select the exported XML file.

Shortcoder import screen

Import from other sources

To import from sources like CSV, excel sheet there is an excellent plugin called WP All Import which can be used. Below example shows how shortcodes can be imported from an excel sheet.

Note: For any issues/support please contact the developers of WP All Import plugin.

The excel data to import

Shortcoder import from excel sheet screen

Upload the file and select “Shortcoder” as the “create new” item

Shortcoder import from excel sheet screen 2

Select the “name” and “content” nodes as per columns in excel sheet as the post title and post content

Shortcoder import from excel sheet screen 3

Finish the import process and shortcodes will be imported

Shortcoder import from excel sheet screen 4