A web3 lifestyle app for green mobility
Move2Earn meets Mobility!

WheelCoin is a new Move2Earn (M2E) ecosystem that rewards users for making green mobility choices on a regular basis. WheelCoin emerges during an explosion of other M2E projects that reward walking, running or exercise.

Unlike other M2E games which reward people for walking, WheelCoin instead rewards users for embracing green mobility choices.

WheelCoin senses if the user is on a train, metro, bike/scooter or walking. The amount of estimated emissions reductions compared wicht a car journey converts to WheelCoin tokens. WheelCoin has a free2play onboarding model that reduces friction to new users. Also, while moving, users earn materials they can use to create vehicle NFT’s that raise a number of WheelCoin they can earn per day.

Tokenizing real estate