The Engine Room of Web3 Organisations
Powered by SBTs

Lomads is building an Engine room for Web3 organisations. To run a successful organisation it is good to have systems that can help reduce admin and paperwork and build greater performance within the team.

Lomads believes that the 3 primary gears for an organisation are treasury management, operations and governance. Their solution consists of a unified workbench that synchronises these three gears for an organisation to provide a seamless and automated experience for all users irrespective of their role in the organisation.

This workbench utility is further enhanced using a Soul Bound Token (SBT). Every organisation can create their own SBT and the members hold (mint) them to be a part of the organisation. This SBT:


Personalises the Dashboard as per role of members (Customised user experience)


Acts as Single access token across various 3rd party tools ( Access Card)


Holds Immutable record of members’ contributions to the organisation (Digital Web3 CV)

Algorithmic Safe Asset Protocol