Announcer – PRO WordPress plugin allows to add fantastic animations to the announcement and to the CTA (call-to-action) buttons to grab the attention of your users.

With this feature you can increase the conversion rate of announcement and the engagement of your visitors.

You can view a live demo of this feature in the demo page.

Announcer WordPress plugin notification bar animation and transition

Setting animation for CTA buttons

In Announcement edit page > Settings > Call to actions section you can select and set the animation you would like to apply on the buttons.

Below animations are currently supported.

  • Bounce
  • Flash
  • Pulse
  • Rubber band
  • Shake horizontal
  • Shake vertical
  • Head shake
  • Swing
  • Tada
  • Wobble
  • Jello
  • Heartbeat

Along with this animation you can also set below options to fine tune how the animation would behave.

  • Repeat animation – Select how many times the button should animate repeatedly. This is really useful to grab the attention of the users.

  • Delay between animation – With this option you can control the delay between successive animation when the animation is set to repeat. The value is in seconds. This is helpful to avoid the animation repeat back to back.


  • Animation can be applied to all types of button (Primary and secondary). There is no restriction on how many buttons it can be applied.

  • Animation start for the buttons only after the announcement is displayed.

  • Animations will work in all modern browsers.

  • Animations work in mobile devices too.

Setting animation/transition effects for “on show” and “on close” of announcement

Under Settings > Display and Settings > Close you can set the animation/transition effect for the announcement bar on show/close respectively.

The PRO version of the plugin includes below effects which you can choose from.

  • Slide
  • Fade
  • Back
  • Bounce
  • Zoom

Haven’t got the plugin yet ?

If you haven’t downloaded the plugin yet, please visit the plugin homepage to purchase and download the plugin using the link below.

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