How many announcements can we create ?

We can add unlimited announcements to the site, there are no restrictions.

Can I add multiple announcements to one page ?

Yes, multiple announcements can be added. The announcements will stack over automatically.

Can I add shortcodes to the announcement ?

Yes, any kind of content, formatting which are regularly added to posts/pages can be done to announcement content.

Can I hide the announcements in certain pages ?

Yes, the plugin allows to create custom rules to decide where the announcements have to be displayed.

Does it support WPML translation?

The plugin supports rules where you can display the announcement on specific language. Using this feature, you can show/hide announcement based on the post language.

Can I display the announcement after some time ?

Yes, you can configure time to display the announcement after page load in certain time.

Can I schedule announcements for the future ?

Yes, a time range can be configured for every announcement which will display the announcement within that range.

Will caching plugins affect this ?

No, the announcements are not affected by caching plugins. You need to clear the cache after a new announcement is created.

Who can created/edit announcements ?

Out of the box only administrators can create announcements. You can use other plugins to add capability to other users to create/edit announcements on your own.

Can I place the announcement using shortcodes on my own ?

No, right now the announcements will be displayed automatically on the page and it cannot be placed manually using shortcodes.